Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Richard, outside La Fleche d'Or

As well as this plastic vintage Russian camera, Richard also had an umbrella with a curved handle and a teeny briefcase. So I made him pose for an innappropriate amount of photos. Then he made this pose. What a joker!

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Anonymous said...

oh oh oh my god! any guy who not only owns and publicly wear anything as truly fashionista and fabulous as a russian antique platic camera AND managing not to choke in his own selfworthy godisness (he's holding the camera like he's taking a piccy-piccy) will forever be in my book as truly unbelivably UNBELIVABEL! thank you for making my day skyrock (:

p.s. these girls are really cutise-pie! http://www.allwayswearrubber.blogspot.com/