Sunday, July 27, 2008

Andrew, Paris

Andrew just did a DJ tour of Eastern Europe and got paid in acid. So he's basically my hero, except he'd be more of a hero if it was marshmallows instead of acid because acid makes me scared (if you do it once you can never become a pilot even!!! What if I decide to become a pilot instead of an unemployed one day??!?).

Oh and for potential employers who know how to use the internet: acid is youthspeak for helping orphans. That's right, Andrew got paid in helping orphans...but really, he learned so much, it was like they were helping him.

And wait...could that be famous cuteboy Jeremie in the background? Just kidding, of course it is, the cuteboys follow me around ALL THE TIME.


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Anonymous said...

one time i did acid before. it gave me the ability to discover people's secrets and other things like a secret nazi police. but i like some of the jewish though, so thats the only difference.

Anonymous said...

Oh! He's so beautiful! And being paid in acid--ahem--helping orphans! It seems too good to be true!