Friday, July 18, 2008

Bartender, Paris

Due to those unfortunate betches in my way, there is no way to pretend that I actually talked to this person. But it's ok because ever since he's been sending me love messages through the television screen and radio waves that I can pick up with my gold snaggletooth.


Froufrou said...

I'd like to order this one, please :)

Writer said...

Can I have him shipped from Paris?

ellen said...

this post is hilarious. you are hilarious.

what? said...

stop joking around. just stop it. its not nice to make fun of snagletooths. just look at saber tooths tiger, they are like the same thing because of how words sound to me. and they are dead now. what? your gonna make fun of the dead. Ha! yeah right. they are already dead!

Anonymous said...



I need him. now.
I think I'm in love *faints*