Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gabriel, Paris

I have a pretty strong defense mechanism against skaters which consists of me hating them. This is probably a result of the turbulent tween years from age 10-17 in which none of them would love me.

But sometimes you see one who is so adorable it just melts your angry heart. Then you're like "do you love me yet?" and they're like "ummm...aren't you my mom's friend?" and you're like "quiet you! Or somebody and his little buddies aren't getting any cigarettes"


Anonymous said...

you never fail to amaze me with your taste in men. i have yet to be dissapointed in any of your choices, and this one... oh GOD ..i'm in love!

Anonymous said...

ok. he's cute.

what? said...

i was a sk8r once. well, not really. but i was friends with some. i ate sandwiches my moms packed me for lunch and hung out in the sk8r pit at school. we were cool. real cool.

once i tried to copy my friends and practice sk8r stuff in my moms basement on my childhood Alf sk8 board. i crashed and broke the water meter. the whole entire basement flooded and i tried to pretend nothing was wrong. my moms figured out that i broke it when they found me covered in basement water hiding under the stairs. they is smarter than like detectives.