Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Him James Bond!!!!!!!!!

Are you sick of pompadours and contagious anger? Well I am a little bit, so I am escaping to London this weekend. According to this lady the boys are waiting, possibly due to my milkshake.

If you would like your boyfriend to become a famous internet male model please parade him around brick lane fri-sun. You will recognize me because I am the sexiest three hundred pound lazy-eyed betch you've ever seen. Plus I'll have a giant camera. Though it sometimes hides between my third and fourth chin...silly little guy!

British boys on Monday!


a/k said...


go to broadway market on saturday, thats where you find the real deal hot stuff. + you'll find delicious food and it's generally the best place to be. in the world. mhahaha

//bricklane is full of tourists.
you want authentic ragged brits.//

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

my friend told me it was where the cools were! is she liar!?!

Anna said...


Stick with Brick Lane, especially on Sunday. Trust me. Hot skinny boys FTW!!