Saturday, July 12, 2008

Interview: Pete

Me: Since being discovered by CBMMN you appear to have become a famous male model, is this a coincidence?

Pete: In a way, CBMMN is what started it all. Ever since I was a small child, all I ever wanted to do was make a living by being beautiful, and no matter what I did or where I went that dream lingered in the back of my thoughts. CBMMN gave me the confidence to make that dream a reality and make the world a more beautiful place.

Me: Truly inspirational. Any wisdom or advice to the other Cute Boys on how to manage their newfound internet babe status and also become famous male models like you?

Pete: Well I mean it's hard not having a personal life, sometimes I wish I could just walk around like a "normal" person. Like today, I just wanted to buy a coffee, and the barrista was like "oh, you're that super beautiful babe from the internet and magazines, have your coffee for free!" it's tough. I just dont let it go to my head. I'm still the same person I always was, just with more threesomes. As for becoming famous? Well, I just always knew it would happen. and it did, so just believe.

Me: Wow! Maybe I could even be a model?!?!?

Pete: No. You no.


Cellar door said...

hey LOVE the blog!
just thought i would let you know, though, that i got 404'd when i clicked on the "famous male model" link on this post!
so yeah.
but thanks for all the cuteness!
it really makes me wish i lived in paris but also makes me sad because all the cutest ones like boys. :(

jess said...

your posts are fucking golden, lady.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

thanks!! and the link should be fixed now.

Anna said...

He's hot... can we get like a ranking system or something? It's a nice way to show appreciation, go shopping for our favs, etc.

Froufrou said...

this is so funny :) love it

Anonymous said...

hey there, oh i can post without having to sign up, wicked!
who is this pete boy?
i want real interviews!
parisian boys are cuter in person, i believe (it's the accent)
talk to you soon!

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

HAhA, a Super cute boy who's funny? TROUBLE for me!