Friday, July 4, 2008

Jean-Michel et Lucas

My boyfriend threatened to break up with me because of my blog today.

I told him you know what buddy? Rules are rules and the rule is that anyone who wants to make it on the blog has to make out with me. It's not "cheating" it's my job (technically internship because I don't make any money, but I was trying to prove a point).

God. What a Total. Jerk. He's just throwing a tantrum because he didn't make the cut.


Anonymous said...

It's funny because no one wants to make out with the one of the right.

Anonymous said...

why are these boys cute? you have to keep your standards up sweetie...

Nick said...

Does "break up over the blog" mean:

1)Break up because of the blog
2)Break up via a comment on the blog. ("sry baby we r done.")