Friday, July 25, 2008

Pedrito, Paris

My mom told me I have to stop falling for "rogue ne'erdowells" (true quote! haha! moms!)

What she doesn't understand is that I equally love smart boys who speak one million languages and wear sensible shoes and button up shirts and eat apples for lunch and don't have panic attacks and\or get drunk and cry every time someone mentions getting a job. These boys, however, listen to their moms and don't date roguette ne'erdowells like myself.

Whatever, already over it. This boy would never let me tattoo a butt on his butt.


SARAHSPY said...

ha, your mom's quite adorable for saying that. my mother's always telling me to quit meeting musician boys in bars if i want someone to treat me nicely. ;)

raymi lauren said...

you are whimsical

EMikeGarcia said...


Freaking adorable!

But, his facial expression says, "Ok, take my photo, just don't kill me. ::grits teeth::"

Writer said...

At least your mom doesn't refer to "ne'redowells" as rakes...or does she? Pedrito is probably my favorite cute boy so far.

black ribbons said...

He is just gorgeous. Can I have his number? I'm sure he'd want to come out to Australia for a visit :) I'm loving your blog and all of these cute boys.

What do you say to them when you approach them? I'm thinking of adapting your strategy - not to make a blog but to just meet guys and have an excuse to talk to them! haha.