Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carlos, Lisbon

I think most of us would see a hunk like Carlos here and immediately see his English sloganed eighties wifebeater, bulging hunk muscles, chain, baseball hat with curved brim, and angry gino scowl and think "oh no he couldn't possibly be for me, I only accept boys with toothpick legs, an intellectual scowl, an ironic eighties wife beater, ironic chain and a hat with a straight brim."

You see how they've tricked us? These skinny devils are the same as a Carlos only with no muscles and all they have to do is go "haha these are joke clothes that I am wearing...that other guy's a joke and I'm joking on him" and we go "oh teehee you so funny" and have boring bolo seco especial with them and all the sincere Carloses get snapped up by hussies.



Anonymous said...

can you go back to posting CUTE boys please kthhxxxx

Rosco said...

Is he even a real gino? I thought all ginos plucked their quasi-unibrows.