Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The li'lest butcher, Lisbon

Did you know that the inspiration for this site was two teen Portuguese butchers at the discount grocery store in little Portugal? I remember it clearly: I went up to ask them a meat-related question and when I saw them standing there with their breezy gino attitude, gold chains and swirly patterns shaved into the sides of their chiseled heads I got so nervous that I left without 99cent pork loin special. In a porkless flash I realized that all my high school making fun of ginos had been a supression of a hidden desire to be included in their sexy car stereo and cigarette parties in front of the school.
So how appropriate that this first Portuguese is a sad l'il butcher sitting by his l'il carcass fridge. Don't click on the image because then you will see that he has a little bit of acne and is fourteen.
P.S. bolo seco especial = special dry ball(s) HAHAHA!