Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update: Cuteboy Olympic Tragedy!!!

The last time CBMMN talked to cuteboy Rob he was on his way to his qualifying race for the Beijing olympics in the crowd favourite 3000m steeplechase. Since the event is so popular it isn't shown on TV I emailed Rob to see how things turned out:

"My race was okay but I took a little too long, oh well I didn't make the Olympics. But I won the Canadian championship last weekend which was fun. Let people know that in the past month I lifted a bunch of weights and now I'm ripped and I also won a spelling bee."

Don't worry Rob! That "aww sheesh" attitude is exactly what we Canadians are known and loved for! And by known I mean one time someone asked me if Canada was in Europe. And by loved I mean the way someone loooves a sandwich.


Anonymous said...

You are a classic. With thanks for this excellent blog. Cheers from the big Zero (Ottawa :)).

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

Yay! and I will be in O-town next month...god where am i going to find boys...centre-town? Hull? (hahahaha)