Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adrian, Toronto

Ummm...ok who taught my mom how to use the internet? Apparently she has discovered my blog through her daily googling of my name and now I'm not allowed to go to the prom. But don't worry, her threats will not affect the racy yet witty content. Now on to Adrian:

Oh what a fine looking young gentleman. Don't approve of his drinking though, nooosir. And that delicate phantom arm is a little bit too much female\male contact for my taste. How will anyone stick to their abstinence vows when they keep playing shoulder-touchy??? Sheesh!

Well I'm off to the library to read about...science...no no no wait...adam and eve.

1 comment:

Camila said...

Wow I love your blog O_O makes me want to joing Blogger x]
So yh it's really cool ^^

I got it from a friend he had your link on his blog, Fred. (Ochrasy.skyblog.com) so random :°