Monday, September 15, 2008

The Amazing(ly Christian) Butabi Brothers!!!!!

I try to keep this blog as diverse as possible...not to be PC but because I love all the boys of the world equally (best. person. ever. (me)). Though it's a bit hard sometimes in Paris because they like to keep all the non-whites outside of the city.

But there is one race which I have never posted: Christians! And holy shit, besides the homophobia and republicanism and xenophobia...are they ever babes!!!! Don't they just look like they only eat corn. Ever.

These two are brothers who wear matching vests and poofy pants and juggle and say Christian things like "boy that went over like a fart in church!" (why? is that a good thing? do people fart in church? what are these crazy cultural references?) or "I had to break up with my girlfriend over religious differences, see I'm a Christian and she's the devil" . HOOTHOOTHOOT...The devil! Good one! Who would want to go out with him!!!

It made me feel like a man in the early Britney Spears days. Like how you want to touch all the paintings at the gallery because of the "can't touch this" sign. But in this case the sign is an abstinence contract.

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