Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Contest!!! You Could Win Big!!!

I am pleased to announce the first ever CBMMN contest! The person who sends in the cutest boy with matching funny blurb will win this AMAZING Men in Black prizepack, approx. value $1.50.

It includes:

-One vinyl Men in Black wallet
-Two plasticine busts sculpted by me in the early nineties
-One hilarious keychain, caption "I don't like it" (he doesn't like it!!!)
-One hand cut-out
-Three university of Toronto bumper stickers
-One Rosi (Repository of Student Information) mascot (hand missing)

Please send entries to cuteboysmakemenervous@gmail.com

*Deadline: October 1!!!!!!!!

Disclaimers: Contest winner will be announced only if anyone sends anything in. Entries will be equally rated on funniness of joke and cuteness of boy. Non-winners may also be used in future posts. CBMMN reserves the right to give boys different names and make things up about them. Boys with moostaches, skinnies, Colombians and ginos may have an unfair advantage.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it looks like rosi is also without her trademark CN Tower updo.