Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jared Sherlock, Indianapolis

Weeeoooweeoo!!!! All American alert!!!!!!!!!!! The house, car and Jared all come in the same set which also includes an American flag and pole and a battery-powered terror alarm that flashes all the warning colours (even orange!).

Jokes. Even though he looks like a homeland security officer he is actually a magician whose act involves juggling giant arms which lead to puns like "give yourselves a hand" (then he claps the big hands) HARHAR...wait that's not even a pun.

P.S. Weeoooweeeooo Canadian alert: Some other Canadians and I were sitting next to Jared while he assembled his giant hands. I thought they were guns and got scared because his magician coat looked like a trenchcoat and I thought he was going to kill us all. I told my friend so she would know to hide under the picnic table when he started shooting. But instead she got really pissed off like "oh, oh, just cause we're in the States we can go waving our guns around. Ridiculous. This place is ridiculous" and she almost went over and yelled at him but ultimately was too scared.


doomed to be fabulous said...

All American....just like the police tape behind him.

Marilynn said...

All American! [: haha

I think I'm going to love this blog now. I love how you summed out "all american"..."even orange!" hahahahaa.

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cuteboysmakemenervous said...

shit I didn`t even see that police tape!!!!! oh man...that`s like the best part of the joke!

I`m losing my edge.

Jamie said...

You couldn't have set that up better if you tried! Flagpole, police tape and of course Jared himself - classic!! I had a good laugh...and I'm an American!