Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: El Guincho

A few months ago I posted about a lovable human cartoon character named El Guincho. The update is that he just released this video and it makes my heart hurt. Seriously I think I just caught heart cancer. It makes me want to listed to Corey Hart, eat some artichoke hearts and drink some Hart beer at the University of Toronto's Hart house then drive my heartley davidson downtown and inject some heartoin into my heart.

I've only felt this way twice before. The first when I was 8 and I would kiss my Yaromir Yagr (pictured above) poster before bed and then have "sexy" dreams about him gnashing at my face and then us jumping on the bed. The second was when my ironic crush on Brian from the backstreet boys turned on me and I had to keep my heartbreak a secret shame.

Video in case you forgot to click before!!!! NSFW if your boss hates all that is good and magical in the world.

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Anonymous said...

he's such a skinny babe