Thursday, September 18, 2008

When shoddy fact-checking turns to...Magic!

Last week I reported that Cheese Magic had been shut down. Immediately my inbox was flooded with messages from local and international luminaries expressing their sadness:

"wait, wait,wait... did your blog just tell me that the cheese hunks are out of work??? this is ruining my memories of home! WHAT IS TORONTO WITHOUT CHEESE HUNKS????"

-Nniamh Mcmanus, designer,
deadly nightshade, Vancouver

"I've always been told of the Cheese hunks, but I've never actually seen them...and that was actually 3 years ago.....who knows how many cycles of cute there have been. And now I've missed my chance forever :( "

-David Oxley, artist, Gladstone Hotel front desk person, Toronto

"Oh dear God no!! I used to live in an apartment underneath a Cheese Hunk. He didn't say much, but sometimes he would play Cake really loudly late at night. Now I'll never be able to listen to mediocre reggae-tinged late-90s covers of "I will Survive" without feeling sad or thinking of listeriosis."

-Thomas Rogers, deputy editor Open Salon, Brooklyn

Well good news everybody!!! It was only closed down temporarily to clean out the droppings and listeriosis! Now the cheese contains well below the government maximums for both deadly bacteria and poo particles. Hooray!!!!!!

*And let's not forget the sweet little drop of honey pictured above. This is Louis-Philippe pulling off goldilocks and a plumed fedora like only a French-Canadian can. His cheese recommendation is the New Brunswick Geai Bleu raw cow's milk blue cheese. If you order it from him it's code for "let's make bilingual babies".


fox said...

What long haired babeness

brooke said...

Phillipe loves the ladies. I will tell you funny stories one day. He is also super nice and sweet, girls, you should date him! Also, Marie, I think the hunky-state of cheese magic has gone downhill ever since Brad left.. (I had to plug my man).

love brooke
p.s. your blog is like free internet candy (or perhaps crack).