Monday, October 13, 2008

Brook, Toronto

I was actually hoping to get a picture of this exact boy before heading back to Paris (aka city of hysterical anger). He is always walking around Kensington market smiling at people and he is also the head chef at La Palette which is one of my top favourite restaurants in Toronto.

On a historical note, this last Toronto picture was taken at almost the exact spot where I took my first non-friend cuteboy picture of Edward, the one that set off a shitstorm of bitter balding male commentary on the Torontoist.

Back to Brook for a second. You know why he's so cute, besides genetics? Because he's mastered the female art of always making a cute face. I am alway trying to make cute faces while I walk down the street. Faces such as the "oh I forgot something!" face, or the "math is hard" face, or "yay! cookies!" face. Or as Brook is modeling for us, the "awww shucks" face.


sarah said...

he's absolutely adorable gimmeeeee

Anonymous said...

He's the head chef of La Palette! I love that restaurant! Now the food will taste even yummier knowing that this boy made it for me.