Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Hour Happy Time Quiz!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my cousins members as promised. In order of appearance: Jean-Marc, Paul, Marc, Micheal, Frederic, Alex.

As I mentioned yesterday all my HAlarious incest jokes are no longer possible because my family will be reading. Isn't incest gross BTW? Ewwwww sooo unnatural! Barforama!

However, since our last contest brought us all so many LOLZ, the jokes have been replaced with a fun quiz! The person with the most right answers wins a special "Paris Gypsy Market Garbage for Sale" prizepack. Or if Winner Kyle does not want to claim his prize, a wonderful Men in Black prizepack! Please answer in the comments section!!!!!!!!!


1) Which cousin is going to play pro volleyball in Germany?

2) Which cousin is French as a first language?

3) Which pair are brothers? (two answers)

4) Which cousin was in the army?

5) Which cousin got so drunk at the wedding he was almost arrested? (hahahah!)


Anonymous said...

Your cousin, Alex is so babely it hurts.

Laura said...

I like cousin # 1. How much?

Teacher of the Year said...

I may be violating my parole by cruising your site, but your commentary is so funny I can't help myself. I don't even notice the cute boys. Really.

Colette said...

i'm playing pro volleyball in France and i want the german pro volleyballer! which one?! you and your blog are too fabulous btw.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

It is Paul! I will tell him to be your boyfriend.

I guess no one wants the garbage for sale prizepack?

dangermouse said...

I discovered your blog really randomly and I love it. You are the funny.

I'm a regular reader from zurich via dubai via bombay.

All your cousins are hotties.
I desire Alex.

Margox said...

Woh Wonnnn! Not a single guess!

Since everyone is so appreciative of your humour, you should have offered to email privately to the winner all of your witheld but hilarious incest jokes.

Are you gonna post the answers or are you still hopeful for some guessing?

Chiamh said...

Dear Cute Boys,
I'm so glad I discovered your blog and it's been pure enjoyment to read your posts. Especially the one with the yuppies, your pros & cons are totally comprehensible. I've done one and he was bad as fuck... I wonder if there is a difference btw straight and gay yuppies... He was a gay yuppie and turned out to be really needy in a really unpleasant way... hmm..

About your cousins, it's a bloody shame, noone has guessed! Well, I'd take a shot...

Alex will play volleyball in Germany

Jean Marc's first language is French (yeah, because of the name, that's a tacky guess I know)

Marc & Michael are brothers

Paul was in the army

Finally Frederic got almost arrested-drunk at the wedding!

How about that?
Best wishes from Berlin and if you stop write your blog I'll cry

D said...

alex and fred! i went to high school with these boys!

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