Friday, October 31, 2008

Fanfare Superstar!

There is a very special subculture in Paris, the brass band or "Fanfare" (rhymes with Superstar*) culture. They have secret parties under bridges and they always wear funny costumes. And people skank. All over the place. There can even be entire fanfare nights and festivals!

The boys are always hot in a stinky, a little bit bad style way. But it has a particular aesthetic that isn't random, meaning it's something intentional that is being strived for, which makes being the most stinky-badstyley person hot. (1-1+1=1=1?!?!??!?!)

But probably the best thing about fanfares is that the girls in them are always suuuuch Liz Lemons because the boys can see their inner-beauty (I'm assuming\projecting).Though they are not pictured because of the well-know now betches policy. Actually wait you can see half of a Liz Lemon in the first picture.

Ack why did I quit trombone lessons? Oh yeah because it made my lips numb, I hated it and I sucked.

*This fanfare is Called Fanfare Superstar.


doomed to be fabulous said...

OMG, I love French fanfare bands!! I've always wondered why I'd see them at pretty much every street festival in France, eg. Fête de la Musique, la Festival des Lumières in Lyon, etc. They're so energetic and oh so sexy.

Craig said...

Ok, you've just explained something that I found fascinating while visiting Paris this summer. In fact, I think about this experience more than is rationally explainable.

Anyway, one night while on a boat on the Seine we passed a random brass band playing Careless Whisper under a bridge. The craziest part was that just earlier that same day my partner and I were talking about how we'd been hearing Careless Whisper everywhere around Paris.

This is one of my favourite memories from that trip. Thanks for giving it some context!

Cheap Furniture Burbank said...

I love band boys too :)