Friday, October 3, 2008

Honourable Mention the first!!!! Soooo Honourable!

Submitted by Danielle from Toronto:

"After 10 days of travelling in Ireland, I broke the only rule I had and made plans to meet a guy and his friends for a second night. About an hour into drinking with them, another one of their friends showed up and of course he was the cutest and youngest of all, reminding me why I had the rule in the first place.

My excitement at seeing his newly tattooed arm inspired a surprise reveal (shown in pic 1). Then my barely adequate radiohead fact basis was enough to stop me from pointing out the questionable mathematics and say 'oooh, radiohead' instead. He was so happy that I was the first to recognize it (apparently the tattoo artist asked him several times if he was suuuuuuuure) that he fell secretly and immediately in love with me! And I loved him too! Bah! Bros before hoes never works out for the hoes."

The reason I like this one is that it reminds me of that time that Ron Weasley got hot. Remember? How he was like the ugliest kid ever and then in the last Harry Potter everyone had to admit he was a babe and it was so embarrassing for everyone?

The other reason I like it is because I know how old Danielle is and she's at least a decade older than this teen. Winner!

Don't you love preying on teens?

Danielle! You're prize is absolutely nothing!!!!


Anonymous said...

He is cute! I always picture Irish guys as fugly, I don't know why. I guess I was influenced by all those propoganda-ish American cartoon from the 1800s where they're depicted as parasitic monkeys. Or something like that. But he's an exception!

Anonymous said...

Man he is hott! I agree, I totally fell in love with Ron Weasley once he got cute :)

Anonymous said...

wow this guy has the potential to make all my harry potter fantasies come true. am i right? You know the ones where YOU hook up with Ron and go to Hogwarts too!

Pixel said...

Also, as Ron got hotter, Harry seemed to get less so. I should do a graph on this...