Monday, October 20, 2008


I often recieve pictures of boyfriends\ex-boyfriends\gay boyfriends\"platonic" best friends. People have suggested many times that I open the blog up for submissions but I resisted the idea because I wanted to keep all the boyfriends to myself.

But as we head into an era of socialism I feel like two hundred boyfriends should be enough for anybody. One must learn to make due with what they have. Plus my harem bills are getting cuhrazy with all this economy shiz! You should see my cornucopia and chaise longue bills !!!
So I am opening up the blog to you peoples. I will still take pictures but I will also post your pictures. I won't necessarily post all of them. But I promise that if I think someone is not cute I won't post them and make fun of them. I will only make fun of hot yet jerk ex-boyfriends that you specifically request be subjected to an old fashioned public shamin'.

Here are a few guidelines:

-I like: skinnies, beardos, ginos, homos, homos dressed like girls, butch girls dressed like boys, teens\youth, people who hate the photographer, non-whites with indie\whitey style and boys doing something funnee.

-I especially like pictures from countries not yet represented on the blog.

-I like as good quality\in focus pictures as possible

-I would love it if you used this as a tool to hit on boys. If you do and are successful please tell us about it. If you get hilariously rejected also tell us about it! The whole point of CBMMN is the acquisition of many many beautiful boyfriends!

-With your picture tell us a little something about taking the picture or, if you know the boy already, something about him. Like if you ever totally made out.

Please send submissions to:

*Our beautiful model today was submitted by Maggie in London. His name is Max. This is a perfect submission example. He's a skinny, can't really see his face but he seems cute, he's wearing a plaid shirt, and he's doing something "zany" aka playing that little guitar which I have been informed is part of some sort of "rock and roll" nintendo game.


Pixel said...

The game's onnn.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! What a catch! Looks like a cross between Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson and the guy from 'Are You Being Served'

Anonymous said...

i love him...he is fine!

Geneviève said...

It's a shame, while on my honeymoon I saw 2 guys that deserved cute boy status. Steve was egging me on to take their photo (one of them was a waiter who came to pour water at our table and I couldn't even look at him). Cute hawaiian-japanese-white mix boys. they are HOT!

Bethany said...

This guy is so so so so so cute. Can i get a contact detail?! I wish he would strum me.


Please live near Highbury!

Maggie said...

Bethany, as Max's beloved "platonic" best friend and sometime pimp (although it really is platonic much as he hates that, and his name really is Max not Tim) I can totally hook you up.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

I'm sorry I changed it to Max! Sometimes I have so many boyfriends I mix them up!

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

and OMG maggie do it! I got an angry letter from a lovely homo saying he didn't understand the point of this if the boys weren't available for dating.

Wait! Should we do a max contest?!?!?! There's lots of London readers. Unless it's just Maggie over and over.

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