Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interview FAIL: Latin Lovers

*At this point all MOMS should stop reading. However, if they choose to keep reading, that which is read will be treated as inadmissible and shall not result in omission of snack packs from lunch boxes nor installation of additional padlocks on the liquor cabinet. Also, any and all information acquired should under no circumstances be transmitted to DADS.

Sorry about that. Anyways, about a month ago I contacted Jose and Rigo, owners and designers of the Colombian clothing line "Latin Lover". Although North Americans and Europeans may not have heard of it, it is pretty famous in South America. Which is kind of like being famous in Canada or dressing up like a famous person for halloween.

A few years ago I had an awkward threesome with them which I freaked out about and aborted--otherwise known as a regular threesome--and I thought it would be a good idea to interview them about it. After initially agreeing to an interview they abruptly stopped answering my emails once I sent them the questions.

I'm posting the one-sided interview anyways because it shouldn't go to waste just because some people are embarassed about their involvement with Canada's 15 000 000th most beautiful woman:

CBMMN: What was the inspiration for Latin Lover?

CBMMN: Has having a successful line of clothing made you have more girlfriends?

CBMMN: What is new and exciting at Latin Lover this season?

CBMMN: Remember that time we had an awkward threesome?

CBMMN: I was given the impression that if we made out I would get a free t-shirt but I didn't get one. That's a question.

CBMMN: That's ok I don't have threesomes for profit, that would make me a prostitute. Instead I have them for jarring memories that make me grimace involuntarily...you know why? Because I respect myself.


sarah said...

you are hilarious and i love you

Anonymous said...

I am a mom AND a teacher. In that capacity, I feel obligated to tell you it's ANYWAY, not anyways.

Now on to my real point: I'm shocked. Not that you would participate in a three-way. You just don't seem like their type.

nyargie said...

Ha ha, question number four is my favourite. Also I love the discrepancy between question 2 and 3. OMG ROFL! Why the hell did they not answer this hilarious survey? I was going to buy Latin Lover gear, but now no.

Geneviève said...

Love Gen. x. Brave. Very Brave.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

I don't seem like their type because they look super gay in that picture? or I don't seem like they're type because of my oozing skin?

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

and nyargie haha! without your approval they will be nothing! nothing!

Anonymous said...