Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jay, Toronto

Jay manages a really cyut restaurant in Toronto and I think he might also do some other cool stuff. And he too is obviously really cute and also "zany", in fact have drunkenly hit on him before (though that doesn't say much as the honour extends to most of Toronto's 16-35 male population).

That being said. And I'm not trying to be mean or spiteful because I "got rejected" (whatever. what does that even mean. pff. doesn't even mean anything) but does his Adam's apple resemble something else to you?

Hint: you can only see your own in the mirror


Anonymous said...

hahahaha ew it does WHAT A FREAK you should feel lucky that mutant rejected you ;)

Anonymous said...

what? what's wrong with having a vagina on your neck? I have a penis on mine. its normalsies. Oh wait that's not mine HAHAHA.

SARAHSPY said...

hahaha-- though my 1st thought is, what's your family gonna say about this post?? ;)

Anonymous said...

bah I thought it looked like an anus. Was i wrong?