Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Theme Song!

Here is the CBMMN themesong\video I shot with my friends this weekend!!!!

LOLZ joking! I don't look like any of those dancers! For starters I have feet for hands and bloody ankles for feet.

Don't you hate how actresses these days all have fingers on their hands while male actors can have any number of different things for hands? Scissorhands for example? Or Captain Hooks?

It's given me such a complex that I have actually started gluing cardboard tubes covered in peach felt to my toenails ("hand"nails). Sometimes this prevents me from doing little stuff like turning door knobs. But in general men seem to find me more attractive because of it.

The only drawback is that when it's time for that long-awaited end of the night back pat or...dare I?...hand shake, they often fall off. And then the guy gets a little"oh shit I broke your finger off! aaagghahgh!" and runs away. Then I'm left with bluehands.

Warning about video: Though initially promising it only stays funny for about ten seconds.


Anonymous said...

And there is that one lesbian in the squad that thinks they're all crazy. She knows what she likes, and it's not boys.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

bahaha! what a hilarious comment. I wish I had thought of that.