Monday, October 27, 2008

Valentino, Paris

What do you get when you mix a homo with an Italian? The most homo and bestest thing ever!

I take a French class with Valentino and what is so hilarious besides his being really gay about everything is that the French teacher clearly has never met a gay person in her life ever and has the most malfunctioning gaydar I have ever seen. Thus the course usually degenerates into a series of things going over her head while everyone else giggles.


Teacher: so do you party a lot in Italy?

V: Honey puhleeze. We party all night! We're right by the beach so you go to the club first then the beach after with whoever you meet if you know what I mean!!! HAHA Whoo!

Teacher: So you would meet a girl then take a girl to the beach after?

V: A girl?!? No I would NEVER take a girl to the beach. HAHAHA!

Teacher: Oh so you don't like taking your girls to the beach. You like to maybe take them out for dinner or another date activity?

V: (Looks around the room making a WTF face) you could say that HAHA!

Teacher: Oh ok. Good. That's very gentlemanly of you. You must be a real hit with the ladies!

V: And the gentlemen!!

T: Oh you have lots of friends too! A real top popular guy! Well hoorah! Hoorah for you!


Margox said...

ha ha! This entry totally made me laugh out loud! At work!
luckily no one else was there - I was working late. : (

Wow, that is some pretty bad gaydar. Is your French teacher an older person or something?

Anonymous said...

Aww, my sad face got split up.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

oh no! now it's just regular punctuation. :( unlike that prime sad face.

Froufrou said...

Dude italians are just...oof!There was an item on the news the other day about demonstrating italian students in Rome or something. I'm moving to Rome next year :D

Cheap Furniture Burbank said...

Sweet boys are the best.