Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ferdi, Paris...and also a CONTEST!!!

Submitted by Rory : "This is my intern Ferdinand, aka Ferdi. He is from Rotterdam. At the office we all think he is a mini-babe/babe in training. After he ate these jelly beans he said that they would go 'straight to my thighs.' As if!"

If I had an intern I would want him to say inspiring things to me when I was feeling down. Things like "why look at your shoes when you can look at...THE STARS" and then the Ferdi would make a motion towards the stars, because we would be working outside at night, and sparkles would come out of his hands. Or else he would say "I made you a sandwich that makes you skinny" (and it would be true and the sandwich would be delicious because it would contain at least three fine European cheeses)

So I propose... a contest! The winner will get to be my intern!!! I have no work for you but you can put it on your resume if you have a really shitty resume that still includes the grocery store you worked at when you were fifteen. The real prize is:

TWO FREE PASSES TO THE MONTREAL PLANETARIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To enter the contest you must send two things:

1-A picture of yourself (if you are a boy) a picture of a boy (if you are a girl)
2-An inspirational quote that will lift my spirits

***Boy must be the writer of inspirational quote or else contribute to it like how a popstar contributes to the writing of their songs aka heavily. I only accept male, Ferdi-like interns. Please don't be lazy like a Ferdi but bonus points if your hair is thicker than your legs.***


ellen frances said...

i see pierre!! sleeping!! on the job!!!

Anonymous said...

non non non long hair too long!

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

oh wait those are two people? I though ferdi had just cut his hair and gotten sleepy.