Monday, November 24, 2008

Keegan and Jake, Boston

Submitted by Molly: "Keegan and Jake attempting to play DDR. Soo Cute. I also attached another one of Keegan- he is wearing the same shirt, like most most cute boys with one signature outfit".

1-Don't you hate it when your boyfriend wears something other than his signature outfit and you stop being attracted to him and realize how weak and shallow your relationship is?!?!? But then it's ok, too, because when he wears it you can like him again.
2-Wearing hats inside is only ok if it's a little cold inside or if it's a fashion hat made out of hard material. If you wear a hot hat while playing a challenging sport such as dance dance revolutions you are showing that you are trying for fashion. It is only ok to show you are trying for fashion if you show that you are also trying to hide trying for fashion. Or else you have have to be full out fashion like wear pants for a hat and a hat for a shirt and no pants.
3-I have figured out after a mere 6 months that I can modify the brightness and tint of my photos. Practicing my new skills I may have turned these boys into shiny ghosts...shiny love ghosts that is. winky smiley.