Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sam, Hartford CT

Sam submitted a picture of his lover Brian and not of himself but on his blog I noticed he was also really cute so here he is! Here he is passing off a blanket or sleeping bag as a reverse cape as only an arty homo can.

On top of being a hunk Sam does wonderful Harlequin romancey paintings of mens. He is like how I would be if I were a gay and had a talent other than being the most beautiful of all.

BIFFBs !!!!! (the "I" stands for Internet and the extra "B" is for Bargain!)


SARAHSPY said...

awesome. cool art too.

Sam said...


betsy q. bramble said...

sam is SO cute and that cape is totally authentic!

Online Furniture Stores said...

Cute, but making a very strange face.