Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adam, Chicago

Hey American Airlines!!!!!! TX so much for overbooking your flight! Not Sarcasm!

Srsly! Who needs family dinner and presents and hugs and drinking with your parents because you can do that now and a warm bed...when you can have a free trip to CHICAGO AIRPORT! Where you can dine on a mini kit kat you saved from the flight and watch yourself stranded and FAMOUS on CNN and curl up under a warm plastic bench with your suitcases tied to your neck with a scarf.

Anways, since none of the pimply Pilipino fast food employees sexually harassing me in tagalog were suitable I am putting a picture of my friend Adam that I took in Chicago when I was there before.

Adam is a number one man!!!!!!!!!!

Merry XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SARAHSPY said...

oh my gosh, so sorry you got stranded. :( hope the rest of your weekend is more merry!