Friday, December 5, 2008

Clement, Paris

This is Clement. He's really nice and he is also the frenchest French person ever. To prove this I will describe him the way a French person would:

a)smoke a lot ceegarette
b)beeg hair of like singer of dees group of music Joosteece
c)loving for comics and manga

Loving manga isn't usually an attractive quality to me. It reminds me of this time I accidentally slept with a crazy person (twice) who liked to freestyle about mangalike themes like sleeping with alien Japanese schoolgirls with three vaginas. But, the consequences of teen drug use aside, French people get a cultural handicap that makes it acceptable for them to both like manga obsessively and...I can't think of another thing...I don't know...wear berets. THEY ARE ALWAYS WEARING BERETS (lie).

*Update: I just noticed something. Don't you think Clement looks like that French Ken on the banner?

1 comment:

ellen frances said...

yes you are right he looks just like french ken!

i did not know what manga was i thought it sounded a lot like 'eat' in french.

i looked it up on '' and the website is hosted be an american speaking white asian named Yoko and an american speaking black asian named something I cant spell. its weird and pointless and makes no sense. Usually these are my most favorite qualities ever.. but YIKES i dont think obsessing over this is an attractive quality at all.