Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nik, Toronto

Submitted by Brooke photography by Andrea Raymond: "Nik makes really nice drawings and sleeps on his couch instead of in his bed"

Wait wait wait...but does he makes art?

Also. no really. I like it. I love it even. I think I would be scared of this person. Actually his last name sounds familiar I probably have already met him and been intimidated.

And maybe I should stop internet talking shit about boys in Toronto because I've already told everyone I know there that I want to sleep with them and\or think they have ugly clothes and it's going to be really shit when I go back. (It's kind of like when your friends break up with their shit boyfriends and you blow up the dam and say "Fucking finally. Man he was way too lame for you also he had B.O. and everyone talked about it" and then they get back together and you are foiled.)

And maybe I'm not very modern with my fashion because the first time I saw skinny jeans I thought "puh! that will never last!" so maybe there are new trends about which I am not hip to their ironic revival.

But...I just...skate shoes?(cropped) I don't know...I don't like.


Writer said...

It is amazing how I can develop a thing for an entire populace of people in a place I've never been. Ah! Toronto!

Laura said...

That kind of apron makes me think he should be wearing nothing underneath.

cheryl c. said...

you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. this boy is HOT. too hot for your blog.
you are crazy, girl.