Friday, December 12, 2008

Suleiman, glorious city of Ottawa

Submitted by Ashley: "Yaaaaaaayyy boooooooyssss!!!"

Well put Ashley. Anyways, did you know that Ottawa is the capital of Canada?!?!?! Well you should!!!!! I can name all the presidents in your nation's history! Yes even you Finland! Do you even know who the president of Canada is?!?!?!?

Trick! We have a Prime Minister! Actually it seems we have a queen now. If you don't know what I'm referring to it's because no one cares about poor old spinster Canada. No one wants to make her breakfast in the morning or still think she's beautiful even if she stops waxing because she has the relationship lazies.

This boy's name isn't really Suleiman. He just looks like my ex-roomate Suleiman who hated me more than life...probably because I was toooooooooooo awesome and because I yell when I talk.

Brown boys are underrated. They can be really babe. Like have you ever seen top Bollywood movie "Lagaan"? OMG the star is so hunk. I think their only downfall is wearing really ugly sweatshirts with swirly patterns on them and having really bad haircuts with swirly patterns in them.


Anonymous said...

look at this boy!

unfortunate names said...

you've gotta love that name though

Colette said...

i love you for proving that it's not un-PC to say "brown" in Canada. or maybe it is...? all my american friends that didn't believe me can suck it. i mean... lovely post. as always.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

you can say brown it´s true! brown people agree!

Anonymous said...

I watched Laagan with a bunch of friends after we got back from an India study abroad thing in an attempt to learn cricket. The cricket thing failed but staring at the lead man (Aamir Khan) for 4hrs was worth it!

Los Angeles SEO said...

I like that you yell when you talk... that does make you awesome! And charismatic.