Monday, December 1, 2008

Brad, Glorious Canadian Wilderness

Submitted by Brooke "Dear CBMMN, Remember that time I didn't know you and you came to my birthday party? Anyways, this is Brad, he reads a book a day".

1- Yes I do remember that time I drunkenly wandered into your birthday party uninvited. Earlier I had also snuck into to some company's staff party and drank lots of their alcohols and gotten away scott free! haHA! Sneakily drinking alone while surrounded by strangers is the new not drinking alone!!!!

2-Ah reading a book a day. That goes perfectly with the rest of Brad's all-Canadian look. What with his trees and his tent and his self-satisfied socialist picnic table queen of england polar bear currency grin. Though he should probably be eating a granny smith apple or butternut squash instead of a banana. And be wearing a beer hat with one straw descending from a can of molson Canadian and the other from a can of maple syrup. And there should be french subtitles and a George Stromboalapoaloos being totally rad in the background applying gel to the hair of everyone around him and adding chains to their pants and talking about hard hitting issues in a hip and\or cool way that appeals to parents and kids alike.

3-Didn't Brad used to be a Cheese Hunk????


dianasof said...

If I was eating a banana at the very same instant that I opened your blog to the picture of a cute guy eating a banana, does this mean cute banana eating guy and I are destined to be together?

b. said...

dear dianasof,
cute guy eating a banana is eating banana's with one girl only and that girl is me, however, i make a mean banana pancake, and would be happy to share that.
from, brooke

p.s. marie, i think you are the funniest girl i almost know

zinzinish said...

france makes me miss boys like this. le siiiigh

Viva said...

Yes, Brad did in fact used to be a Cheese Hunk.

I felt as if this required verification.

Dee said...

b: I will take that banana pancake. I have moved on to cuter and more accessible pastures.