Friday, January 30, 2009

Crusty Hunk, Paris

I am not anti-crust. In fact, if it was acceptable to give honest answers in interviews I would probably list "lack of personal hygiene" as my weak point instead of the fact that i just "c-c-c-can't stop working so hard for my employers!!!!!!!". Even so, crustiness is not a particularily hot quality to me.

Except for when it's protest time. I remember one time I was at the G8 and I actually started to consider B.O. and stinky feet as hot qualities in men. Similarily, in normal times I would think someone wearing an anti-corporate sticker on his dreads was annoying and\or was going to juggle at me. But at protests they transform into babe kings.

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Anonymous said...

Yowzaa!!! That is one crusty crusto. BO and stink never did it for me. Unless it's expected of course, like right after the gym or playing sports...

And don't even get me started on dreads... when I was in school there was this guy that often studied at the same library as me, he had this gigantic uni-dread. Basically looked like a rotting blonde cat pelt hanging from his scalp. Never got close enough to know if it smelled... nasty!