Monday, January 12, 2009

Feodor, Ottawa via Russia

This guy was running down the hallways of a sports arena in that ludicrous hat yelling "Roo-See-A! Roo-See-A". I thought he was some lame Ottawa dude pretending to be Russian as a stunt for his engineering buddies. In his presence my standard feelings of crushing inadequacy gave way to a rush of sweet satisfying superiority over all normies who go to sports games and choose regular jobs (like engineering).

I asked him if he was a fake Russian and he started talking in some gibberish language which had enough weird drowning Ls to be Russian. So that made him more authentic and a bit less of a lame Ottawa dude. I can only assume he was telling me about the inevitable fall of capitalism and the return to power of his glorious motherland. Because Russians talk about those things ALL THE TIME (I bet).


The Miller Kennedy's said...

From ricky of rickykatarina:
hey!, BA is still awsome!!>.haah. when are you coming back?? will make sure you have a good time!

The Miller Kennedy's said...

ps..Kata always talks about your blog and now im loving it..thanks for the cute boy updates.haha.

50two said...

gibberish language? why of course that leaves no other option than russian! :)