Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ummm...I keep having really awesome contests with even awesomer prizes and people don't enter them. Sure, many of you you feel competition will be too steep or else you arrive here accidentally while searching for teen porn. And so the amazing "gypsy makret garbage for sale prizepack" and the two tickets to the montreal planetarium are still waiting in their gilded cases!!!!!!!!

The prize of this new contest is that you get to be an officer of the CBMMN facebook group!!! You will have no power, like being able to send flyers for your electro party or performance art piece to everyone. Sorry. But you will have glory!!!!!! Oh the glory!!!!!

To enter you must think of a good officer name for yourself. Example "boys magnet if boys were also magnetic" or "organizer of boy-b-ques". But make them better than those. Best name(s) win!


SARAHSPY said...

haha, i want in. i nominate myself as "aspiring cougar" or "cougar-in-training" haha.
im sknowles5 at gmail dot com on facebook. :)

i have an idea i want to run by you at some point also!

the grapist said...

boy-kini inspector?

50two said...

i so would enter but my brain cant think of anything witty and awesome enough. :(

the first thing that came into mind was "cradle snatcher" but thats irrelevant.

Yellow Mustard Girl said...

I respectfully submit:
Ambassador of Awkwardness: Social Situations Division

Or possibly:
Man-child Luster-After

(the second one may need to be re-worked to accentuate the creepiness of my man-child lust)

cuteboysmakemenervous said...


Georgia said...

I submit... Professor Boygasm.

I really really want to win! More than anything ever!

urban jewess said...

can i be chef boy-ardee?

Y&E said...

I'm a PEEN-cil sharpener!


cuteboysmakemenervous said...

Now I don't want to choose because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

How about I send everyone a Gypsy Market Prizepack? Shoe soles and doll parts anyone?

Yellow Mustard Girl said...

I will only accept my prize pak if it comes with a jar of gypsy tears.