Monday, January 26, 2009

Phil, Toronto via Calgary

Phil is one of my top homo homies. We met right after he moved from craptastic Calgary. I remember how cute he was when he realized that people talk about being a gay in T.O. like it ain't no thang. He would call me and tell me things like "Dude! This guy just mentioned what he did on the weekend with his boyfriend and no one asked him if he meant to say girlfriend".

It was like seeing a butterfly being born, a really cyut butterfly with googally eyes, and realizing there was more to life than a cocoon, a dyed-blond cocoon wearing a cowboy hat.


Unfortunate Names said...

is calgary like the country?

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

calgary is the texas of like the alabama

Anonymous said...

ha ha! Dyed blonde cocoon. In a coyboy hat.

Anonymous said...

btw, not to start commenter wars, but Unfortunate Names, uh, are you posing as a caricature of an American? Google takes 2 seconds.

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