Friday, January 2, 2009

Richard, Paris

Richard played the star at the nativity scene recreation party and now refuses to go anywhere without his star costume. News flash: we know you're a human. Clue number one: you have hands. Clue number two: stars are made of gaseous matter and not paper. Clue number three: stars do not have moustaches. Duh.

Here he is performing his juggling two oranges trick (other orange not shown). Not impressive...everyone can juggle two balls...especially me! Zing! (Get it? balls=male testicles...juggling= I don't know...something digusting and sinful).

Also, I told this boy about the magic that is and now he is addicted to making Etsy shoppes and then posting like one item on each of them. But the items are pretty cyut. See his many shops here, here and here. Good value!!!!

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