Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chris, Toronto

Chris is a dashing man about town, but like many of the cool kids in big cities he is hiding the secret shame of being a very uncool town, in this case Ottawa.

JOKE! Ottawa is the breeding ground for most of the best people ever including:
-Top sexy pop artist (female) Alanis Morisette
-Top sexy pop artist (male) Brian Adams
-Top sitcom guy Chandler from Friends
-Top movie star Ryan Gosling
-Top joker (male) Tom Green
-Top joker (female) this guy !!! (you can't see but I am pointing at myself and not Chris).

P.S. Before he went crazy, the Ottawa Citizen had a breaking news story about how Tom Cruise, though not technically from Ottawa, did go to school there for a few years of his childhood.


JM said...

chris needs a drink to go with his hat. also, tom cruise hasn't been cute in long long time. so sad.

D said...

not ashamed to say it, i came from ottawa! everyone ends up leaving anyway!