Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interview: Felix from B-town (that's Barcelona not Brampton)

Some of you may remember Felix from the summer and later an update. He is El Guincho's manager which, from what I can gather, means being a professional hang-out dude who travels around with his BFF wearing matching tight coloured pants and going to parties. Knowing him has made me impatient for my friends to get famous. (You know who you are you lazy talent wasters...step on it! I'm losing my youth!!!!!!!!!!).

CBMMN: When did you first start being a babe? Were you one of those handsome little kids or did you have more of a swan-like emergence in your later years?

Felix: Well, I don't know. To be honets I don't think If I am a babe or whatever. I prefer if my mother can answer this question.

CBMMN: Do you think that you are perceived as cuter outside of Spain because people think you`re exotic or in Spain because people think ``yay! Spanish people are the best!``

Felix: JAJAJA, I don't know as well, sorry. Not sure If I am exotic and not sure If people perceive me as cute. Even in Spain!

CBMMN: You have toured a lot and you have a nice tight pants look, so you must have been checking out other dudes` outfits. What do you think is the most stylish (babeliest) city you have seen?

Felix: When I was in Sidney I can tell people are really into trends and fashion. Maybe London is the other city I can add to this list. But to be honest I always see how people dress but I never copy any of them. I try to make my personal style.

CBMMN: I heard that there is a candy store in Barcelona that makes old fashioned candy where they pull the big strings of toffee in that olde tyme way. But that everyone who works there is young and cool and has tattoos. Is this true?

Felix: I don't know this shop! (Note: I did eventually go to this shop and though the candy was indeed made in the traditional style the people were not as cool-looking as I had hoped. One of the girls had pink dreads.)

CBMMN: What are your favourite places in Barcelona besides this candy store?

Felix: I love Barcelona. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. I love some cokctails-bars (Negroni), restaurants like "Miriot" or "La Singular", walking around the beach, have lunch close to the beach ect. Definitelly you have to go!

CBMMN: Since we're now Myspace friends (note: europeans still use myspace) does that mean we're real friends? Because I'm facebook friends with my exboyfriend and we are definitely not friends. In fact if I saw him on the street I would probably try to avoid eye contact and, failing that, have a fake cell phone conversation so I would only have to wave.

(Note: That last one wasn't answered so...I will just linger here awkwardly as if I had put my hand out for a high five that was never returned...aaand nooow I'mmm, brushing my hair back, because that is what I meant to do all along.)


Anonymous said...

is double middle fingering us? how modern of him!

Anonymous said...

How come the photo doesn't show his tight pants???

Anonymous said...

OMG! I wanna meet this guy!!!! So cute!!!!!!!! Best cute boy ever!!!

Anonymous said...


AnonymousV said...

Dear Anonymous 1-4,
Is your name Felix?
Either way, Felix is still a babe!

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

haha I was going to say the same thing. though if it was the real felix it would be more ESL

Anonymous said...

I love that guy, please, can you post more photos?


Anonymous said...

yes, we want a special please

Cindy said...

wow, this site is awesome. but i have to disagree. b-town is, and will always be brampton. heart lake massive as we used to say in 1999. loves, cindy.

Anonymous said...

he is cute i will to date him he is a cutey

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