Monday, February 23, 2009

The thin line between gay and gino, Paris

I saw a billboard for French rugby today. It was pretty much the manliest thing I have ever seen. There was a giant exploding volcano and a dinosaur and two beefcakey guys wearing fluorescent rugby jerseys. Also the lava was fluorescent pink. Which brings me to my point: a lot of times the most macho things are also the gayest.

Example this guy:
In picture one, he is just another annoying guy who hits on you on the subway then starts stage whispering about how ugly you are when you ignore him.

But uh-oh who's that in picture two pursing his lips!?! Sassmaster Flash, ready to sass all my enemies into low self-esteem!!! That's right! Sass them good!!!!!

p.s. ignore that yokel in the background or else you might catch a case of the heebee-jeebees