Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sylvain, Les Disquaires

You may not approve of the fabulous "art shirt" I have given Sylvain. But before you put my photoshoppe abilities into question, I just want to make it clear that this look is exactly one million times better than before. Even if you took away the makeup, you would think his face could negate any ugliness of shirt...but you would be wrong!

Same goes for his hair before I gave him a bowl cut.

Try to guess what the shirt\whole top look was!!!!!

p.s. Those lights coming out of his head are actually ideas...about art.


mikasnook said...

This is an amazing post!

Nightjar Books said...

I really want to see the pre-photoshop looks. I'm thinking some sort of standing-up hair? Due to the part above his head which is now "background"? But the shirt - what was the shirt like? This is so important.