Friday, February 13, 2009

WINNERS: Kyle and Drew!!!!!!!!!

A few months ago millions of you competed for the ultimate MIB prizepack. I bet you thought it didn't really exist, that NO ONE would give away something so sweet. Well here is proof: WINNERS Kyle and Drew enjoying their wallet the way most of us do, as a sleek screen to hide our love kisses. Joke. Here is a l'il note from Kyle:
"BTW drew is straight. I think he was a bit concerned the faggy wallet/mouth picture would lead to confusion. "

I don't know...he couldn't be that concerned, he probably has realized that girls like a little bit of ambiguously gay, it makes them feel safe...and like sex is just joke, kind of like going lesbian for a's basically the same thing as giving a high five.


Anonymous said...

I like Kyle and Drew! They are like, here we are hiding our upper lip hair behind this wallet, and then... ta da little stash rashes, SEXy!

Anonymous said...

oh, these boys.