Thursday, March 12, 2009

High School Flashback!!!! Amazing!!!!

Submitted by Rebecca: "Cons:all my friends make fun of me because he has a ponytail longer than mine, he doesn't know who I am, he is a year younger than me. Pros: he is the cutest boy ever and is my daydream boyfriend. I think the pros win!"

OMG I think this is my favourite submission of life! Doesn't it just give you an instant flashback to high school!?!?!??!

A time when a one year age difference was a really big deal. A time when the cool dudes ignored you in favour of teasing and pinching eachother because they didn't realize that this makes them look like\they are little homos (unless those guys aren't cool! Only be mean to popular kids!). And then there is that one brooding hunk who dares to have a really long ponytail and B different and is secretly cooler than everyone else but only U know it!

P.S. That dude sooo knows you took a picture of him and he probably thinks you were making fun of him! GO ASK HIM TO YOUR PROM!!!! QUICKLY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE AND HE BECOMES A LAME LAWYER IN OTTAWA (for example only).