Monday, April 27, 2009

Aleksandar and Matija, Croatia

Submitted by Marta: "here is a picture of my two friends, Matija and Aleksandar...Matija is my best friend, he is a real heart breaker, although never touched mine, guess I know him tooooo well! :) Aleksandar is cute too, just looks funny here..."

Yea!!!! (That's how my mom spells "yay"). I just want to say how happy I am at all the international submissions lately. I think it is important, if we are all going to find love in this crazy globalized\internetty\real-ish world we are living in, that we get used to different, international varieties of "hunk" as well as new and exciting spellings of names we all know and love.

Plus I feel more internet famous.

p.s. the one in the background is obviously making a weird face so I won't make any quasimodo references...oh wait...I JUST did.


Y&E said...

that is one beautiful chiseled chin,

Anonymous said...

which one looks funny? i don't know who's who.


R. said...

The one in the back totally looks like this cute punk/hick that went to my high school. He was in a terrible band, but always totally adorable.

jessica said...

OMG yay! Croatian boys are SO cute, I went there a few years ago and I couldn't get over how good their men looked!! Love your blog, i read it constantly and am biding my time til I have a pic of *my* cute boy to send you :)

Anonymous said...

that is also how my mom spells yay!