Friday, April 3, 2009

Five Boys!!!!! Venezuela

This was submitted by my beautiful wife E., I call her my wife because she would be in a perfect world where gays could marry and I were a gay. We split up for a few weeks on our South America trip and I when we met up again I was really proud to tell her the story of how I had slept with an Argentinian (that was the story) but her story was way better:

"I met these Cyut Boys during a boat ride to Venezuela. They are super cute because:

a) they are traveling the world b) they like to make cute jokes (*see how they are laughing in the bed?!?!) c) language barriers are easy for them d) they all liked me.

We got into town very late and accomodations were scarce. So after finding the ONLY available room (I swear there were no more available rooms), the six of us shared the two beds. Ahem. After a bottle of rum, we all convinced ourselves that sharing the bed wasn't gonna be weird at all. I slept in the middle. It was cozy.

From left to right (of bed shot) we have: a Trinidadian, a French, a Belgian, a Danish and another French. I don't remember any names......However, I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and giggling cause I had a penis at my front AND back! It was really cute!!!


Julia said...

hahaha, best story

Adrienne said...

wow! what a great story. i love it.