Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh, San Diego

Submitted by Erin: "This is Josh looking cool like a 1950s teenager on the beach."

When I first saw this picture in my inbox I was a little bit shmeh just another rayban d-lite showing some skin. Normal for me*. But the description just put him into a totally different context...made me "think outside the box"** if you will and made me feel nostalgic for a time when we were nostalgic about the 50s. .

You know who he is actually? Archie!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Reggie? A combination of the two?!!?!!? He is more physically like Reggie but looks nice in the personality like Archie.*** Maybe Archie made a Baby with Reggie and they called the baby Josh and then I saw the baby and the baby looked at me. Oh wait it's in California...MEN AREN'T ALLOWED TO MAKE BABIES WITH EACHOTHER THERE.

*There are five in my closet right now, but they are two dimensional and their blood is made of cardboard
** I invented that expression. I am quoting myself.
***His eyebrows are pointing up. That's what nice people eyebrows do.