Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kyle, Manila

Submitted by Pam ¨That's Kyle right after his classes ended for sembreak. He's my bestfriend and he's an amazing guitarist even though i've never heard him play. I think i just know he is. He likes pretending he's gay. :))¨

That´s a coincidence because boys always pretend to be gay around me too! Especially when I am hitting on them, HAHAHA they so silly.


Anonymous said...

Moar Manila boys here:

Julia said...

i love the azns.

Sarah said...

Nice :D

Next time I'm in Manilla, I'm def. on the lookout :P

kira said...

oh, you are pretty much the best. effin' love this blawg. vive les cute boys & the awkwardness they inspire in us, 4evz!