Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mabeeb, Sydney

Submitted by Emma: "It is my brother's ex boyfriend (MBEB), who is sooo cute. I think he is the only thing I have been jealous of my bro possessing, except for maybe that he-man figurine from christmas '88! In the pic i had just sold my car to MBEB for a dollar. It seemed like a fair deal. I said i took the pic because i wanted to 'remember' the car...but hello, it was a shitbox, check out the bizarre stain on the door! nope i just thought he looked sooo cute in the driver's seat I had to capture the moment."

I don't have a brother but I see the mabeeb attraction anyways. This one here is quite cyut, especially if you like the cancer patient look (not sarcasm! It is a legitimate look!)

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